Pirates, Astronauts and Trips to Mars

18 Aug

I was a very creative child.  I wrote books, I created art for the books and I even attempted to publish them!  My sister and I acted out elaborate scenes of Gilligan’s Island in our living room.  We played school.  What I noticed sometime along the way in either undergraduate or graduate school was that as I became an adult I lost the ability to be creative and imagine.  To dream a little dream.  

  My job doesn’t really afford me an opportunity to creatively express myself  and my life hasn’t allowed me to think about what my dreams are.  If I can do anything in the world – what would I want to do?   One of the things my son has been teaching me is how to fantasize, imagine and create.   I love that my son has a grand imagination.  There are days when we walk the city streets and he is dressed as a pirate or a superhero. 

One of my favorite instances of his creativity was at the Apple store on Fifth Avenue in NYC.  We took the glass enclosed futuristic elevator up to the main street  (bustling Fifth Avenue) when my son said before the elevator ascended to the streets of the city  “3 -2 -1 BLASTOFF Mommy!”  When the doors opened we were on Mars.  We decided it was very hot on Mars and we were looking for alien life form.  As you can imagine in midtown Manhattan we were a site to behold.  Imagining our space trip was a lot of fun for me and it took me away for a few minutes.  It also reminded me that I need to remember how to dream.  This week I’ve been focusing alot on my dreams – trying to remind myself how to dream and what kind of life that I dream for myself.

Do you take the time to imagine?  What a great exercise to free yourself from your daily activities.  I’m glad I have my son with me to remind me of how to escape from the bustling streets of New York Ciy for a few minutes.


One Response to “Pirates, Astronauts and Trips to Mars”

  1. Sue August 18, 2011 at 3:08 pm #

    As an adult, I try to be ultra practical and realistic. I don’t want to disappoint myself or the people around me. I have dreams for others, for my little girl, for my nephew, for my sister, for my husband, but i don’t often enough think about what I want, what I dream about. When I do find myself thinking about my dreams, I feel like I get too carried away and bring myself back to reality. But you are right. Dreaming is important…Creativity is important. If you never think about where you want to go in life, you will never get there.

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