Putting Trust in the Universe/the Divine

25 Aug

Do  you trust that whatever experience that you are having is a lesson to help you evolve and  grow to be the person you are meant to be?  I want so much to believe in this concept.  I want so much to believe that when I suffer or have pain in my life it is to teach me something and help me grow into the person I am meant to be.

Today I learned that each of us has some designated contract with our soul.  That people walk into and out of our lives for a reason  – they are part of that contract.  These people offer us something we need to learn.  I have accepted this concept before but I totally neglected it as I have been so wrapped up in mourning the loss of my most recent relationship.

I am divorced and I am happy I had the experience of being married and divorced. I have no regrets.  I have said to so many who say that they are sorry that I am divorced (as if someone had died)- that it is the best thing that could have happened to me.  I escaped a terrible marriage that would have destroyed my soul if I were to stay.  Second, I would not have my son if it wasn’t for that union.  Third, I would not have learned as much about myself as I have in the last few years since I ended that relationship.  The end of my marriage sent me on a journey to learn about myself. 

Today I need to remind myself that my most recent relationship taught me many lessons.  The relationship was actually a gift to me.  I must accept that the  relationship ended because that person has already taught me a lesson and now I must wait for my next lesson.  My soul was finished learning what it needed to learn from him.   

  I must trust in the power of the divine .  I know the universe had answered my prayers and calls for help when I needed it most and the universe has proven that  it is listening to me and my needs – and it will fulfill my needs but I must have patience.


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