1 Sep

Before I was a mother I had a lot of opinions and thoughts about being a mother.  After having my son and attempting to raise him – I feel like I was all wrong about what motherhood would be like.   Some days I think that I’m doing a great job and other days I feel like a complete failure! 

I think that as your child ages – being a parent just gets more difficult.  It was easy when I just put him in my sling in whatever outfit I chose for the day and he didn’t really have any objections.   Now at 4 years old he seems to have an opinion about everything!  most of the time I enjoy listening to him express himself but he always wants to express himself and his opinion even if we have things to do like get to work/school.  It is driving me crazy! 

One of the things about raising my child that I was so wrong about was bathtime. I thought this would be a time we would have fun together.  Instead, bathtime is an all out war with my son! It is almost a comedy about how difficult it is to get him bathed.  He screams if I touch him to wash him.  Wash his hair or face?  What a nightmare.  Tonight I ended up in the bathtub trying to get the soap out of his hair and in our battle I lost control over the handheld shower head and I ended up soaked.  It was hilarious and frustrating all at the same time. 

In the end, we still went to bed on time and we (both) are clean but bathtime is not the simple, relaxing experience I imagined it to be .  It has taught me that there are things you cannot expect when taking on the task of being a mother and that the job just never ends.   It will take all of my energy to raise my son and it has taught me to roll with the experience.  I’m not really sure what else is in store as he grows but I’m prepared (and looking forward) to taking this journey with him.


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