And the Universe Answers Again . . .

30 Sep

I have admitted to many of my friends that I feel that my life is incomplete.  I have so much in my life and I am very busy enjoying every aspect of it but I feel like something is missing.   I have admitted that what I really want now is someone to share my life with – someone to share my son and all of the amazing things he says and does.  I want someone to enjoy the meals that I love to cook – I want someone to share my happiness.

In all honesty,  I feel really weird about this strong desire for a relationship, for a boyfriend.   I have a socially full life and I am so very independent – so why does an independent woman like me desire a man in her life to complete her? Isn’t this the very antithesis of why women have become so independent – to free us from being bound by an unfulfilling relationship?

Growing up, my mom, who did not have a higher education or a career told me almost everyday that I will go to college and get a degree so I do not ever have to rely on  a man.  Little did she know at the time (30+ years ago) that her daily mantra influenced me to have a career and was one of the most important gifts that she gave me – my economic freedom.  She prepared me for my freedom to walk away from an abusive husband.  Now that I have this freedom from a relationship that nearly destroyed me – why the heck these several years later would I want to seek  another relationship where my freedom could be jeopardized?  If I have such a full life, why is finding a boyfriend such a strong focus of my inner life?

I’ve been struggling with this thought for weeks now – but I have concluded that  it is human nature to want to be a part of something greater, to be attracted to another person and to spend time with that person.  To want to evetually form a tribe with that person (a family with that person).  I’ve accepted that I’m okay with this focus and that it is an important focus.

I have been using an on-line dating tool and I was griping the other day to a friend that I feel like the on-line dating tool isn’t as romantic as meeting someone at a party or through a friend or any other spontaneous way people meet in their life.  AND I am starved for romance and I want to meet someone in a romantic way.

Ask and it Shall be Given.  The very next day after griping to my friend – I met a man in a very spontaneous and extraordinary way! I met a man in the elevator of my office building!  We both walked onto the elevator in the lobby of the building.  There are 35 floors of my office building.  I work on the 19th floor and he works on the 9th floor.  We do not work for the same company but we have the same degree.  By the time the 9th floor doors opened, this gentleman asked me my full name!  Within an hour – he had located my information on Linkedin and through my company’s main operator.  He called and left a message for me at my office and sent me a message on LinkedIn.   I have a date with him next week!

All I did was ask the Universe to have me meet someone in a romantic way – and the universe once again delivered.  I am a believer in the power of prayer.  I’m also a believer that every opportunity comes with a lesson.   I am ready to learn from this  lesson the universe is about to teach me (and excited about it too!).


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