Kissing Strangers

5 Oct

I’m doing what I should have been doing in my twenties in my mid-thirties!  I’m just kissing strangers…  I’m  meeting different men and learning about this peculiar species.  I’ve never casually dated different men at once. I always thought it was deceitful.  However, I’m starting to see the benefit of it.  While casually meeting different men, I’m learning that they are all so different.  And, I’m learning what I like and what I don’t like.   I did not date much before I married my ex-husband and my experience was limited to very similar personalities since I met guys through friends who all had similar interests.  On-line dating has introduced me to different people that are not in my circle of friends and thus, allowing me to meet people outside of my social circle – men that are very different than men I have known.

I had my second date with an 11 firearm owning, animal hunting, miltary-serving man originally from a very small town in the MidWest last weekend.  He had only been to NYC once in his life before moving here in June.  And I (so NY centric)  have never been to the Midwest! He had never even left the contiguous United States before he was called to active duty in Iraq.  He had never seen a Monet, Picasso, VanGogh or any other works of a famous artist.  On our first date I suggested the rooftop bar of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and he was in awe of the beautiful works of art.  It was awesome that he seemed to appreciate the works of art I introduced to him.  Our second date was at a wine bar (his suggestion) where he admitted when we opened the menu that he never drinks wine and prefers beer and asked me to order.  He sheepishly told me that he ironed a shirt just for our date!  Yes, very different from the men I’ve met before.  However, I don’t mind.  There was something warm about it.  He just texted me that our third date will be to watch some old fashion American football on Sunday.  I’m excited to see him again.  On our second date I realized I was physically attracted to him.    When we parted last Friday after our date, I didn’t expect the passionate kiss that came from him – so I guess he returned the same feeling of physical chemistry.   It was a swooning,  kiss in the rain.  We’ll see what happens on Date 3 on Sunday.  I’m hoping for another kiss because I did have two glasses of red wine before our first kiss and I could have been swooing from the buzz of the wine and not from the kiss . . . but we shall see!

I had my first date with elevator man last night!  I was so anxious about this date. I didn’t know what to expect since the only thing I knew about him was from the  30 seconds it took for the elevator to reach his floor from the lobby of our office building and his linkedin profile that he sent me.  I have to say I wasn’t disappointed.  He was attractive and he didn’t talk about work.  He was open and kind.  He is definitely a deep, soul searching man.  I felt immediately comfortable with him -like he was an old friend.  There was something familiar about him, probably because he too was raised in the tristate area and we are in the same line of work. 

He asked to kiss me goodnight (unlike my midwestern boy who surprised me with a passionate kiss).  His kiss was sweet and gentlemanly.  The only reservation there was that I didn’t feel the swoon that I felt from the midwestern boy – I’m wondering if it was because I only had one glass of white wine as opposed to two glasses of red! We scheduled a  second date next week.  I’m hoping for physical chemistry because he seemed like a nice guy.  I am harboring some doubts about my midwestern boy and his interest in me but that could be those old demons still hanging out in my inner life – but I vowed to myself that I will be cautious and slow because I have a tendency to get attached!

All in all, this was an exciting week for me.  I enjoyed both dates.  I know that I do always choose incorrectly in my romantic life  – – so right now I’m not going to choose – I’m just going to innocently kiss strangers – hoping that maybe, just maybe, one of them might turn out to be more than just a stranger in my life.


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