Reaping so much more than Apples from the harvest

18 Oct
Traditional apple orchard in Eastwood, Essex

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We drove over one hour to a farm north of the city.  We were so excited about our excursion.  Three kids in the backseat of my friend’s car.  We endured lots of “are we there yets”  and answered lots of other questions about different car license plates and music.  When we finally arrived to this farm – early on Sunday morning we were told by the farm operators-” Sorry Madam, we are out of Apples”.  Well, you can imagine the look of surprise on our faces as our dreams of an idyllic autumn Sunday morning were deflated. 

We were not to be dissuaded.  Instead of taking no for an answer, we used our most persuasive negotiating skills to obtain permission to enter the orchards to have the kids take pictures.   The farm consented and we  allowed the children to run around the orchard, climb the trees, take pictures in the trees and search for nice looking apples on the ground.  The kids had a blast and it was great to see them run around outside and get fresh air by getting out of the city on Sunday.

My single mom friends have taught me so much.  Together, we were a team in planning a trip out of the city, packing snacks and lunches for the kids and turning what could have been a disappointing day into an adventure for our children.  I feel lucky to have a single mom network and grateful that together we, as a team, had a beautiful autumn Sunday afternoon with what some might call – “our not-so-traditional families.”


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