Communicating in the Digital Age

5 Nov
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There are countless ways to communicate in this new digital age.  We can keep in touch with our loved ones in some of the following ways: by mobile phone; texting; facebook; landline (almost obsolete); email; instant messenger; skype; and old fashion letters (totally obsolete!).  However, in my humble opinion – nothing replaces old fashion face-to-face quality conversation.   I fear the art of conversation may be lost of my child and his generation?

Communication is not just about the words being used and emoticons – it is  more about all of the following – the way the person’s voice sounds when speaking, a person’s body language, their smell, and eye contact.

I viewed an exhibit at the New York Museum Of Modern Art on Friday night — it was called Talk to Me: Design and the Communication between People and Objects ( .   According to MOMA’s website the exhibit “focuses on objects that involve a direct interaction, such as interfaces, information systems, visualization design, and communication devices, and on projects that establish an emotional, sensual, or intellectual connection with their users.”  The exhibit was interesting but it really had me thinking – what will be a result of all these communication devices?  Will the use of the spoken word become a lost art?  Will people even be able to maintain eye contact with each other?  Will our children learn the importance of understanding and reading body language?

I am trying my best to teach my son how to communicate the old fashion way – by words.  I really haven’t introduced any electronic devices to him – IPAD or computers. I don’t allow him to play with my iPhone.  He has his whole life to experiment with electronic devices – I continue to encourage him to color, draw, paint and now writing words down on paper as he learns to write. 

The “old fashion way” of using mediums like paper, paint and ink to communicate continue to be beautiful works of art to me – which I don’t want to be lost on my son or even myself.  I’ve already lost the ability to actual write words on paper.  I rarely even write a letter.  I am determined not to lose the art of communicating in a verbal way and understanding the non-verbal communications of people I am developing relationships with.

I spent the evening with Mid-Western Boy.  I look forward to spending time with him because I feel that each time we spend together I am able to learn more about him.  We text daily and speak by phone during the week – which is nice communication for two very busy people but I wouldn’t have learned what I learned about him last night – if it wasn’t for our ability to communicate verbally and he feeling comfortable enough to share because of the non-verbal communications he has received from me.   Our learning about each other last night would not have taken place with just a limited text or email or even by phone – in my mind nothing can replace the intimate art of “‘live” conversation.  I hope this art is not lost on my son and his generation who will grow up in a total digital age.


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