Sharing Life with the Great People of New York City

23 Nov
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Many people don’t ever think of New Yorkers as nice.  It is not customary to think of the people of New York City as warm, welcoming folk.  I beg to differ.  I learned when I was pregnant how thoughtful and nice the people of New York City really are.  I never needed to ask someone to give up their seat for me – someone always offered – men, women and teenagers – of all race, ethnicities and creeds.  This experience differed greatly from my experience traveling on NJ Transit back to my posh suburb.  Not one person EVER offered to give their seat to me on a crowded train no matter how pregnant I was!

When I moved back to the city in 2010, I was still pushing my son in a stroller around the city.  Whenever I needed help getting into or out of the subway there was ALWAYs someone there to offer assistance to me.   Even now, when we travel on to a bus during our morning or evening commute, someone is always willing to give up their seat so my son can sit.  The people of New York are truly good people. 

On Saturday night I was heading downtown to a friend’s apartment for dinner.  While waiting on the subway platform a teenager offered a seat to me on the bench.   I was reading from my Barnes & Noble Nook.  He asked me what the device was  and I explained to him that it was an e-reader.  He then asked me what I was reading – I told him I was reading Jane Eyre.  He told me he had just read the book for school!  We began to discuss the book when two women overheard our conversation and pulled our their electronic devices.  They each had a Kindle and an IPAD.  We were comparing reading our books on these electronic devices  – the pros and cons.  The teenager’s younger brother than pulled out his tablet and shared it with us.  We sat there for several minutes – a group of New Yorkers who may have never crossed paths as each of us were from different socio-economic groups and our ages spanned about 50 years between us were sharing our thoughts on classic books and new media.  I marveled in the joy of that experience until my train arrived and we all parted our ways – only in a great city like New York do you have these type of moments that transcend all social, economic and age barriers.


3 Responses to “Sharing Life with the Great People of New York City”

  1. T Scott November 23, 2011 at 1:56 pm #

    You said that right!..great post

    • CityMama November 24, 2011 at 11:13 am #

      Thank you! I’m happy you enjoyed my post! Thank you for stopping by!


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