My Fantasy

2 Feb
The Nanny

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I did it! Today I took time out of my day to sit by myself in solitude in the center of Manhattan and I was able to enjoy a few minutes of quiet time.  As I people watched, I noticed that my mind kept drifting to coveting a certain relationship that I have never experienced and until recently, have had no desire to experience.  However, as my stress levels rise at home and at work I’ve been increasingly thinking about engaging in a certain relationship.

In the short time I have lived with my son on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, I have noticed that many working parents have this relationship (and many non-working moms have it too).  I noticed this relationship in my building’s playroom, in my building’s laundry room and during walks in my neighborhood. 

Unfortunately, my fantasy is not about some sexy, hot celebrity – like Bradley Cooper.  Instead, I find that I spend my time fantasizing about a Nanny. 

I never really thought I wanted a Nanny and I have been so proud of myself for figuring out how to do work/life balance without any outside help (beyond my parents).  However, lately I find that I have been frequently fantasizing about engaging in a relationship with a nanny. 

My fantasy is something like this: My relationship with my Nanny (she would be an older, lovely woman, say mid-60s) would be amazing.   She would take care of my son’s every need and demand and I wouldn’t have to do a thing (this is a fantasy, of course).  She would cook dinner for us, she would do my laundry and clean our apartment. I would be able to stay late at work and go to the gym and fit in long runs.  She would run my errands for me and do my grocery shopping.  My son would love her and so will I.  She would become part of our family and she would live close by, perhaps in an apartment in the building.  She would take my son to activities during the week that I can never ever dream of signing him up for because I have to work.  She would take him on playdates.  She would bathe him and actually be able to clean his ears.  He would no longer leave the home with his hair standing on end and jelly all over his face.  His finger nails would never have dirt in them and when I told him not to run off he would actually listen.  He would be so content he would never ever have a tantrum again.  She would even put him to bed for me and he would fall asleep quickly.  My home would always smell of freshly made bread that she would bake for us. . . .

My fantasy was just interrupted by that demand – MOMMMEEE!!!!  Back to reality. . .

Yes, it is an unrealistic fantasy but so is having sex with Bradley Cooper and we all engage in that fantasy or something like it every once inawhile – so I’m allowed this one little guilty pleasure.


2 Responses to “My Fantasy”

  1. stanz42 February 2, 2012 at 4:56 pm #

    You are the only person I know who wants a nanny so they can stay at work later. I want a nanny so I can go shopping, take yoga, lunch with the ladies, etc. Working late is not on that list. 🙂


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