Buckwheat What?

19 Feb
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I find that if I don’t eat well it impacts my mood.  Over the last few weeks I have been feeling depleted and I’ve been trying to correct that watching what I eat but it has been so hard!   We have been so busy with birthday parties and play dates and Superbowl munchies and Valentine’s Day chocolates and cookies that I haven’t really been eating what I love – fresh vegetables!

I finally had a free Saturday afternoon – DB came to take Kyle at 4pm and so  a few minutes after my little man departed with his inconsistent dad – I put on my running shoes and grabbed my GPS and decided to hit the road for an 8 mile run.  I ran along the east river and I had a smile across my face the entire 1 hour + of the run.  It was awesome.  This mild winter has been great for getting out there and hitting the road – when I can .  I finally  replaced all of the endorphins that have been missing over the last few weeks as I realized that I need to run.  I need it more than almost anything else – even more than sex.  It empowers me and makes me feel great inside and outside.

Now, what to eat? Of course my boyfriend, Mid-Western Boy, wants to get pizza.  I LOVE pizza but I just did an 8 mile run! I’m not going to erase the benefits of that run with a few precious moments of melted mozzarella, tasty tomato sauce and perfectly baked crust.  I told Mid-Western Boy that I was going to make Buckwheat Soba noodles with sautéed vegetables.  He, of course, opted for 2 slices of pepperoni pizza.

As he was eating the delicious smelling pizza, I focused on sauteing my vegetables. 

I began with a little bit of olive oil and some garlic in my saute pan on low heat.  I then added some chopped organic baby carrots and shallots that I chopped in my mini food processor.  I added them to the pan and some tamari sauce with seafood gomasio (which is made up of sesame seeds, seaweed and sea salt).  I then sliced up some organic crimini mushrooms and added them to the pan with some more tamari and seafood gomasio.  Finally once all of the vegetables in the pan appeared to be almost done I added fresh kale and spinach leaves to the pan and put the cover on to steam them down.  While I was steaming the vegetables down, I added my buckwheat noodles to a pot of boiling water.   After three minutes I drained the buckwheat noodles and added them to my sautéed vegetables with a bit more tamari and the seafood gomasio.  Finally, I shut off the low heat and added some avocado and pine nuts.  I mixed it altogether and had a healthy, filling dish of Buckwheat noodles and fresh sautéed vegetables.

I sat in front of the television to catch up on watching episodes of Homeland with my Mid-Western Boy and as he was sniffing the lovely flavors from my Soba noodle special, he asked to try it – and guess what – he loved it and said that it was better than Pepperoni Pizza and he should have waited the 15 minutes it took to put the dish together.  This was truly a compliment from my high fructose corn syrup, McDonald eating, dorito munching boyfriend who had initially chosen pizza over buckwheat noodles!


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