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Peter Pan and Pixie Dust!

10 Apr
Tinker Bell and the Mysterious Winter Woods

Tinker Bell and the Mysterious Winter Woods (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are days I love being a single mom.  This past Easter Sunday was one of them.  My son has been into Peter Pan since we returned from Disney in October.  He saw Peter Pan during one of the productions and at Magic Kingdom he just related to this character so much!  We’ve read the original story of Peter Pan before bedtime and  watched the guest appearance of  Peter Pan on Jake and the Neverland Pirates last month. 

The Easter bunny left some chocolate for him in his Easter basket but the highlight this year for my little guy was not the chocolate bunny from Lindt or the Peanut Butter Easter eggs – it was a Peter Pan costume.  He immediately decided to put it on and act in full character for me.

Later that day we had dinner with family near the beach and my son and I went for a walk on the beach (with Mid-Western Boy, as well).  My little guy was dressed in his Peter Pan costume and was an amazing sight to see as he searched for treasure on the beach and threatened to fight Captain Hook (aka. Mid-Western Boy) with “one hand behind his back!” 

It’s his imagination and creativity that I love!  I try my best to nurture this part of him because I know at some point I lost my imagination and find it hard to create – I want my son to know the importance of being creative and thinking freely.  I know that it is as a single parent that I am able to do this…the man I was married to, whom I conceived this beautiful child with , also known as DB, would never permit this in his home.  In fact, his father has repeatedly asked  me why I allow my son to run around outside the  home in costume.  My son has also confided in me many times that when he is at his father’s house he cannot choose what to wear on his own – his father choose his clothes for him….

Allowing my son to dress himself and wear his costumes and act out his favorite characters, I believe, allows for the full development of this little person — without interference from me or anyone else (except for maybe correcting on manners and other social skills) and allows him to be free from judgement, negativity and helps develop his confidence.  Something, that I think an overbearing father, like DB, would not allow to have happened.

My only regret is that I didn’t bring my camera along to capture this very special afternoon!


The Happiest Place on Earth

1 Nov
Cinderella Castle

Image via Wikipedia

Doing things that make you feel empowered as a mother is a gift that we as mothers should give to ourselves and our children.  As a single mother, I’ve learned to feel strong, independent and empowered by doing things that I would never have done by myself if I was in a traditional family with a partner.

Last week I took my son to Orlando, Florida to Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios.  It was my first travel expereince with my son without any friends or family members.  I was extremely anxious about traveling to unfamiliar airports and to an amusement park by myself with my son who has a tendency to run off as he is very independent.

All of my anxiety was for naught.  I am so happy that I took this trip with him and I wouldn’t have done it any other way.  It was so empowering for me as a mother to know that I can travel with my four year old son by myself!

We arrived in Orlando at noon and, of course, my son was so excited by his airplane trip that he was literally bouncing off the beds and walls of our hotel room.  I decided (without asking anyone else’s opinion) that we would nap before going to Magic Kingdom.  That was the best decision I could have made.  We took a late nap and went to Magic Kingdom in the afternoon (the park was open until midnight that first night) and we spent the later part of the day at Magic Kingdom and at Chef Mickey’s for dinner.  Asa  result, we were able to ride on all of the rides my son wanted to ride on without waiting in lines and he was able to stay up late to experience his first night in Disney.

He, of course, fell asleep in his stroller on the way back to the hotel but I was able to pick him up and close my stroller to get on the shuttle bus with little assistance.  I then put him into bed when we arrived at the hotel room.  I felt empowered that I could get through the next few days of this overstimulating and magical place by myself after this first wonderful night.

Disney was truly the happiest place on Earth!  My son did not give me one moment of grief during this trip. He held my hand, took pictures willingly (which is rare at this age) and did not nag for toys or gifts.  He ate his healthy meals (including New England Clam Chowder and Baked Salmon!) and even napped on each day in the park.  Due to the terrible weather on the east coast we were delayed getting back to New York – but he even behaved in the airport during the delays and fell asleep on the plane coming home.  I was able to carry him off the plane and grab my luggage and put him to bed myself once we arrived in New York City.

Upon waking up one morning in Disney, my son told me – “you’re a supermommy.”  This statement made by my son without any prompting was the greatest gift he could give me because I know I’ve taught him to appreciate the little things in life.  This trip was a fabulous experience for him – he told me “this is the most amazing thing of my life!” and for me, it was empowering to know that I can give my son the most “amazing thing” of his four year old life and I could do it all by myself.

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